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'Denim Jacket Dreams' Original 12" Circular Canvas Painting + Denim Jacket Collage

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An original art piece by the heralded visionary Cameron JL West.

A 12" Circular wooden-framed canvas, hand-painted then semi wrapped in a section of a real vintage denim Jacket, then adorned with badges that also include original artwork by Cameron JL West (apart from the Vans one, he didn't do that, he got that at a rock concert when he was 15). It's about an inch deep, like a pizza.

Originally created to be part of the 'Sorry Not Sorry' exhibition at The Amersham Arms in 2022 (see pictures). It did, at one point, have a couple of additional badges on it that have been removed for sentimental reasons. The idea is that you would continue to adorn/store your own badges on the jacket part, making you a collaborator in the piece, however not entitled to any of the royalties.

It will be sent wrapped in bubble wrap then in a box.

Signed and dated on the reverse inside.

UK only please.

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