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Hi, I'm Cameron.

I am an illustrator, designer, videographer and photographer currently working primarily within the music industry.

I frequently work with So Young Magazine, Chess Club Records, Dirty Hit Records, Te-am Management,

The Crypt Studio, Third Place Records and many bands, artists and independent businesses.

I have a keen eye for layout and thrive on developing creative and novel ways of sharing digital content.

I enjoy lacing my work with symbolism, easter eggs and recurring motifs so that regardless to how often the visual style may change, there remains little breadcrumbs tying my portfolio together. These breadcrumbs can include certain numbers, words, phrases, colours and objects.


I have a broad portfolio of work for my clients, who include bands, music venues, independent filmmakers and creative events companies (full list available here). As well as meeting their briefs, from logos to posters to music videos, I always go the extra mile (or 1609.34 metres) to supply all clients with an extensive range of additional promotional materials and emphasize the importance of consistency of design across social media and building brand identity. I love fast-paced work environments and I feel I always work best when working on multiple projects at a time; the ability to bounce between them always keeping my mind fresh and focused.

In early 2020 I began working closely with the renowned taste-maker record label Chess Club Records and have since produced videos, artwork and promotional assets for the likes of Alfie Templeman, Phoebe Green, Pixey, Coach Party, L'objectif and even refreshed & redesigned the label's logo.

I take huge pride in my personal/artist Instagram page ( @cameronjlwest ), creating content that frequently utilises the 3x3 layout and often treating the feed as a single and ongoing design piece, as well as making sure each individual post remains engaging and works independently.

I spent my childhood editing videos and making films. From stop-motion animations to filming my friends at the skatepark, I have always enjoyed creating and editing content. I am competent in many production techniques and have created videos for magazines, musicians and companies, big and small. I have also gained experience creating videos to specifications of VEVO and TV as well as creating gifs and optimising video content for social media. I have directed, animated, edited or worked on multiple music videos for bands including

Sports Team, Alfie Templeman, SKATERS, Pip Blom, FUR, Bloxx and many more...

I enjoy and have conducted numerous interviews for various video projects, including chatting to bands like Working Men's Club and The Magic Gang for So Young Magazine, quizzing Jeff Horton (owner of The 100 Club) for Independent Venue Week and on one occasion even interviewing Sir David Attenborough at a book launch!


I've worked a lot with award-winning writer/director Edward Zorab and have played key-roles in his broad portfolio of short films and music videos including Production Designer for Junk Mail (2017) starring Joe Wilkinson and Thomas Gray and Animator/Graphic Designer for viral hit music video for 'Him & Her' for the band FUR.

I wrote, directed and starred in my own first short film in the spring of 2018; ‘Shooting Up’, a mixed-media, dark comedy satirising 80’s children’s TV. This piece aided me in earning both a first class honours degree in Illustration when I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth and also being awarded that year's Tutors Choice Award.

I occasionally dabble in live music photography and have shot festivals and gigs for So Young Magazine and

Fred Perry Subculture

I’m always looking to work with bands/companies that align closely with my own areas of interest across design, fashion, music, culture and humour. 

Please get in contact if you think I'd be right for an upcoming project or if you'd like to find out more about my work and rates. 

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"Cam you're the hardest working man in show business"

- Fred Macpherson, Spector