I am an illustrator, designer, videographer and photographer. 

I work with So Young Magazine, Bleach Productions, The Crypt Studio and many bands, artists and independent businesses.

I have a keen eye for layout and thrive on developing creative and novel ways of sharing digital content. 


I have a broad portfolio of work for my clients, who include bands, music venues, independent filmmakers and creative events companies. As well as meeting their briefs, from logos to posters to music videos, I always go the extra mile and supply all clients with a range of promotional material and explain to them the importance of consistency of design and the role of social media in promotion. I love fast-paced work environments. I feel I always work best when working on multiple projects, the ability to bounce between them always keeps my mind fresh and focused.


Hobbies and interests such as skating, music, streetwear and subculture are often a heavy influence on my personal work. My ever-growing love of design and type has led me to produce a diverse portfolio of both graphic design and illustration work and I’m always pushing myself to learn new skills.  


I have experience managing multiple Instagram and Facebook pages as well as having designed posts and content for my client’s channels and feeds. ( @thecryptstudio , @

I take huge pride in my artist Instagram page ( @cameronjlwest ), creating content that specifically utilises the 3x3 layout and treating the feed as a single and ongoing design piece, as well as making sure each individual post remains engaging and works independently.

To this end, I organise and plan my feeds days/weeks ahead, so they flow seamlessly and remain aesthetically consistent throughout my channels. Since adopting these striking visual directions, engagement has multiplied, and I’ve invested a lot of time studying optimum posting times and understanding my demographic in order to increase outreach.


I also am the head designer of a small and upcoming dance and electronic music record label called Third Place Records. My responsibilities have so far included creating the visual identity for the brand, designing vinyl record labels and covers, designing instagram layouts and social media promotional material and creating merchandise. 


Seeing my father work as an editor and producer for the BBC, I spent my childhood editing videos and making films. From stop-motion animation, to filming my friends at the skatepark, I have always enjoyed creating and editing content.  I am competent in many production techniques and through producing videos for bands and musicians, I have also gained experience exporting videos to specifications of VEVO as well as creating gifs and optimising video content for social media.


I wrote and directed my first short film in the spring of 2018; ‘Shooting Up’ a dark comedy satirising 80’s children’s TV.


I’m always looking to work with bands/companies that align closely with my own areas of interest across design, fashion, music, culture and humour. 

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Illustrator, Designer, Videographer